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VALLICHT2007Four-sided videoprojection accompanied by a sound composition

Images of a classical still life against a black backdrop, a floating chair, and the sea glimpsed behind a barred window appear on four screens, which surround the viewer on four walls.Accompanied by a soundtrack of percussive clinks and drips, ominous clangs and thrums, and a haunting melody played on what sound like cellos, the images are animated by mysterious, unseen forces. Nothing is as it seems: the clinking of a spoon stirred by a hand in a teacup builds in volume before cup, saucer and orange pitcher slowly levitate into black space, like orbiting spaceship.  '... Like an alchemist, Okx deconstructs conventional sequences of time/space to create a new kind of reality. He recombines the elements of still life, landscape and dance in novel ways, translating everyday objects, occurrences, and sounds into the language of the sublime ...'

Lynn Woods, based on her article 'Vivid Visions' in the Kingston Times 10/8/09.

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