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Videoprojection on glass shards with sound resonating from the glass [10 min].

"The image of a muscular man singing a passage from J.S. Bach’s Passion is projected onto a cluster of hanging glass shards in a darkened room. Distorted, pink and green fragments of his face are reflected from the prismatic, revolving glass onto the walls, transforming him into a ghostlike presence.While the sound, a soprano voice slightly out of sync with the moving image, becomes a tangible presence, emitted from a vibrating glass sheet. The shards themselves seem to float within the depths of its reflective surface, adding yet another dimension to a piece whose distortions of sound and vision have a theatrical excitement.The singer seems to be wrestling with each phrase that is emitted a moment too late, as if he were drowning in the exquisite notes of Bach’s composition. Or is he fighting against the dissolution of his own being, his image fractured by the glass, mere ephemera lost in the torrent of sound? The deconstruction of image and sound is cathartic, opening up a portal to a new reality. The means, however, have a simple elegance, with the glass serving as a medium for both sound and vision."
Lynn Woods - Kingston Times

Presented at a.o.-Sonorous Décor-Amersfoort 2000-Theaterfestival Boulevard-‘s Hertogenbosch 2003-Festival Escena Contemporánea-Madrid 2004-The Shirt Factory Kingston-New York USA 2009-Azkuna Zentroa-Bilbao Spain 2015

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