Video installation with sound accompaniment [7.20 min].

Presented a.o.

-Intro/In Situ-Maastricht 2002

-GlasslaG, Oerolfestival-Terschelling 2002

-St. Laurens Church-Alkmaar, at the 750 year anniversary of the city 2004

-Mijzenfestival 2008

A flickering image of a person skating is projected onto hanging glass plates, and there’s the sound of a heartbeat.

As the skater slows down, the sound changes to the scraping of skates on ice, then shifts to a sound of low clanging bells, in fact the sound of the glass plates where the image is projected on. The skater finally comes to a stop, and the image freezes; at that moment, we hear the honking of geese.

The skater’s elation is like the skyward course of the birds. The skater can only skate so long, the skater himself will not endure, but the spirit of skating is eternal, as symbolized by the flying geese.