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A multi-media project, including video installations, live performances, on location at the island of Terschelling, during the Oerol Festival, June 2002 In close collaboration with visual artist Kees Lesuis.


GlasslaG is a work in progress, the production developes in time and gives during this process presentations at several locations.

The first performance took place for an audience of approximately 2.500 spectators.

GlasslaG incorporates movement, sound and images.
The audience is guided on a long walk through the dunes, passing art-installations wherein the materials glass, ice and sand are used to project images on.

Rating glass plates, resonating wires, and melting ice transformes the walk into an expedition into a new world.

The open arena of a sand pit serves as the stage for an impressive multi-media performance with percussion, live dance and video projection.

A backwards somersault into the mechanics of memory.

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