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Video/sound installation [5.16 min]. 

In an empty landscape, a man creates his path in solitude. His task is as unending as the sea.It’s just after dawn. He balances on a pier-like row of sticks, protruding from a wetland at low tide. Wielding a huge hammer, he pounds a stick into the mud, hops onto it, and prepares to pound in another. His task is as unending as the sea. Eventually, all that remains are the rows of sticks, resolute and mysterious.

The piece was filmed at the outskirts in the north of Holland.The title refers to the ring of land outside the dykes, which is the first to be absorbed by the rising sea.

Watch the trailer here
Presented a.o.-New Brabant Art Foundation (NBKS)-Breda 2005-Kunst en Koningsduin-Bakkum/Castricum 2006-State University of New York at Ulster County-New York USA 2009 

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