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3,14 BAHR

Acoustical composition in the old WaterTower of Alkmaar.

The piece is an exploration of the acoustic features of the tower and its reservoir. The starting point is the architecture of the old water tower, which supplied the city with water from 1900 until the late 60's.Large halls of stone, steel and wood wait in silence for footsteps. The walls are three feet thick, and wooden stairs connect its several floors. Enormous cast iron pipes run through the floors and disappear into the ceilings.Heavy barriers suggest the building is still under pressure from the water. Is it a coincidence that the height of the structure (31.4 meters) is identical to the number PI, the base of the dominant circulars?Visitors are escorted through the tower in small groups, submerged in an unusual sound sculpture.The environment is mysterious: silence is transformed into sound, and emptiness becomes solid.

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