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RIL (A Carbon Walk)


Concept for a landscape project (artist impression), work in progress, june 2023


Treetops of approx. 6 meters long, bare branches, cut in winter.

Stacked like an impenetrable wall, at least 5 meters high. Ascending, maximum height at the center.

Two curved shapes that hook into each other, with a circle kept free in the center.

Length of the wooded bank 60 to 80 meters. On one wall the treetops are with the trunks inward, on the other opposite.

A walking path of white sand follows the curvature of the wall.

There is no vegetation to be seen, black charcoal is scattered over the ground.

By approaching the inner circle, the amount of charcoal increases until the ground is completely covered and black.

In the center is a small green Birch tree of approx. 3 meters high.

As the tree grows over the years, the RIL will slowly shrink.

Visitors leave the project through a different route where the curvature is opposite.

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